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Website Related Questions
I'm having problems with cookies. Can you help me?
Your browser must be cookie-enabled in order to transact at the BonusLink website. Cookies are short pieces of data stored by your browser, which we use to identify your account. If your browser is not cookie-enabled, or if you are using "cookie-trimming" software such as WebFree, Cookie Cutter, Guard Dog, Cookie Monster, or Watchdog, you will not be able to make online redemptions. By default, your web browser should support cookies. If not, to enable cookies, please go to Internet Options (for Internet Explorer), select Privacy. Change the privacy setting to medium or low. For other web browsers, please look into the Help section of the web browser.
How can I apply for BonusLink free Membership online?
Log on to www.bonuslink.com.my, click on 'Not a Member? Sign up now!'. Then, click on Membership Application. Once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions, fill in the form and submit.

If you wish to add Supplementary Card(s), please fill in the form including the Supplementary Cardholder(s)' information and submit.
How can I apply for Supplementary Card online?
If you are a BonusLink Primary Member, you can apply for up to 3 Supplementary Cards. Click on Free Membership. Then click on Supplementary Card Application, once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions, fill in the required information and submit.
If my Card is lost or spoilt. Can I request for a new Card online?
Yes, you can. To request for a new Card, you will have to click on Card Replacement. Please fill in the form and submit.
I am a BonusLink Member but do not have a PIN yet. How do I set the PIN?
Please note that only Primary Member is allowed to set PIN. Click on First time Login under Member Login which is located at the top right of the website. Please have the following information ready for a PIN sign up:
Primary BonusLink Card Number
Household Account Number *
Primary Member’s New or Old Identity Card Number or Passport Number
*The Household Account Number is listed on the Points Summary. If you cannot remember your Household Account Number, please contact BonusLink Member Services at 03-7626 1000 for assistance
I cannot remember my PIN. Please help.
Click Forgot PIN? . Please enter your Primary BonusLink Card Number to retrieve your Hint. Once you have retrieved your Hint, try to login again. Otherwise, you have an option to reset your PIN.
Why am I unable to login?
There are a few reasons why you are not able to login:
Wrong PIN: Check for your Hint through Forgot PIN link. If you have made 3 unsuccessful attempts, your PIN will be locked and you are required to contact BonusLink Member Services at 03-7626 1000 to unlock it.
Supplementary Card: Currently, Supplementary Members are not allowed to login or make redemption. All redemption will have to be made via the Primary Member.
Invalid Account information: You will need to update BonusLink on your Account information. Please contact BonusLink Member Services at 03-7626 1000.
How do I make an online redemption?
Firstly, you need to log in with your Primary BonusLink Card Number and PIN. Then just browse the Gifts Catalogue on the top of the web page. Once you find a gift that you are interested in, just add the gift to your shopping cart. You can continue shopping for other interesting gifts or check out your shopping cart and follow the easy steps to complete your redemption. Once the redemption has been successfully completed, you will be provided with a Redemption Reference number. Please keep this number for future reference.
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