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GoodMorning VPlus Set

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  • Set consists of 1kg GoodMorning VPlus, 2 pc 30g GoodMorning VGrains sachets, 1 300ml shaker and 1 woven bag.
  • GoodMorning VPlus is made up from 18 types of premium whole grains, 5 colours of phytonutrients and 5 unique ingredients.
  • Ingredients: Coarse rice, corn grits, soya bean, red rice, red bean, barley, mung bean, garbanzo bean, brown bean, almond, green bean, lotus seed, black soya bean, white wheat, organic millet, black sesame, organic glutinous rice, organic flaxseed, fructose, non-dairy creamer, instant malt extract, oat powder, Fibersol-2 soluble fibre, red beet powder, isolated soya protein, fructooligosaccharide, tricalcium phosphate, soya lecithin, Aquamin F and vanillin.
  • VGrains 18 Grains is made up from 18 types of premium whole grains, 5 colours of phytonutrients and 7 unique ingredients.
  • Ingredients: Brown rice, red rice, black bean, soya bean (Non-GMO), black sesame, purple sweet potato, corn (Non-GMO), red bean, mung bean, blueberry, job’s tears, lotus seed, wheat, millet, apricot, kernel, black glutinous rice, green bean, soya bean milk powder, non-dairy creamer, fructose, walnut, flaxseed, chia seed, aquamin F, prebiotic inulin, fibersol-2 soluble fibre, soya lecithin, lutein and vanillin.
  • High in fibre, iron, protein and cholesterol free.
  • No added colouring and preservatives.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes.
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