About Transaction Authorization Code (TAC)


What is a Transaction Authorization Code (TAC)?
TAC is a unique 6-digit code required by Maybank for specific online transactions.
You must request for a TAC before you can do any transaction which requires TAC and you are required to enter a TAC in order to proceed with the transaction. The TAC is computer-generated and as an added precaution, it

·     Can only be used with your own Maybank2u.com login username and password.

·     Is valid for 24 hours upon request

·     Is valid for only 2 hours upon activation

For more information, please visit www.Maybank2u.com


Why do I need a TAC?
In line with industry requirement, Maybank has introduced TAC to enhance the safety and security of its customers’ online banking transactions at Maybank2u.com. However, a TAC is not required for Maybank2u.com user registered with other bank’s credit card.



Is TAC the same as the Internet Banking PIN?
No, it isn't. Your Internet Banking PIN, which is created at the ATM, allows you to activate the "First time Login" at Maybank2u.com. TAC is not used for login but for specific transactions and type of activities.

TAC Request

4.       How do I request for a TAC?

        There are 3 methods to request for a TAC

·     From Maybank2u.com (The TAC will be sent to your Mobile Phone via SMS)

·     Via Kawanku ATM (The TAC will be printed on the ATM slip)

·     Via Kawanku Phone Banking* 1300-88-3388 or (603)7844 3696


The simplest method to request for a TAC is by registering your mobile phone number with Maybank2u.com

o             First, register your mobile number at any Kawanku ATM

o             Next, login to Maybank2u.com to request for TAC under the ‘Utilities’ menu

o             Your TAC will be sent to you via SMS


For more information, please visit www.Maybank2u.com



Can I request for a TAC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
You can request for a TAC via Maybank2u.com and Kawanku Phone Banking*, anytime - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. TAC request at Kawanku ATMs is only available from 6am-12 midnight daily.



How do I request for TAC if I'm overseas?
If you are overseas, you will be able to get a TAC:


from Maybank2u.com via mobile phone (SMS) if you have pre-registered your mobile phone number at the ATM or through Kawanku Phone Banking*. You must have a Malaysian mobile service number and access to international call roaming service.




via Kawanku Phone Banking*
Call (603) 7844 3696 to make a TAC request. Please note that you will have to bear the call charges


Using TAC


How much time do I have before my TAC expires?
When you request for a TAC, it is valid for 24 hours when you receive it. However, when you start to use your TAC (first time activation) for any of the transactions that require TAC, it is valid for 2 hours. You can use the TAC for more than one transaction within the 2-hour period.



Can I request for two or more TACs and use them?
You may, but the latest TAC will immediately override the earlier one for security reason. Therefore only one TAC will be valid at any time.



Can I cancel or deactivate my TAC?
No, you cannot. If you do not wish to use your TAC and for security reason, please delete the SMS or destroy the ATM slip that has your TAC printed on it.



I lost my TAC/I forgot the TAC/My TAC has expired! What do I do?
You need to make a request for a new TAC.

TAC via mobile phone (SMS)


How many mobile phone numbers can I register to receive TAC?
You may only register one number.



Can I register my mobile number via Maybank2u to receive TAC?
No, you cannot. Your mobile phone number registration for TAC must be done via Kawanku ATM or Phone Banking* for security purposes.



Can I register a foreign mobile phone number?
No. You can only register a Malaysian mobile phone number for TAC request. TAC request is not available for mobile services that do not support SMS (010 and 018).



Can I use the same mobile number that I registered for SMS Alerts/Maybank-Maxis Mobile Financial Services?
Yes, but you will have to register your mobile number again at Kawanku ATM or via Phone Banking*. You will not be able to register your mobile phone number for TAC at Maybank2u.com.



How do I change my mobile number for TAC request?
Just register your new number at the Kawanku ATM or via Phone Banking*. If you no longer wish to receive TAC via mobile phone (SMS), select the "Deregister" function



Can I request for TAC using my mobile phone (SMS)?
No. Your "TAC request" must be done via Maybank2u.com. You can only receive TAC via an SMS that is sent to the mobile phone you have registered.



Is there a charge for TAC via mobile phone (SMS)?
It is available free of charge for a limited period. Please visit www.Maybank2u.com for the latest update.



How long does it take to receive TAC via mobile phone (SMS)?
The delivery time depends on the traffic volume of your mobile phone service provider.




I entered my TAC as requested but got an error message.
You may receive an "error" message for the following reasons:

Your TAC is incorrect or has expired

You have exceeded the maximum number of three tries

You need to request for a new TAC because your Maybank2u.com login access was previously denied



There was a service interruption/time-out during the transaction. Is my TAC still valid?
You require a new TAC only if the validity of 2 hours upon activation has passed.



What happens if I enter a wrong TAC?
If you enter an invalid TAC 3 times, you will be forced to "Logout" upon your fourth attempt. As a security precaution, your TAC will be deactivated immediately and you will not be allowed to log in to Maybank2u.com on your next "Login". Please call Maybank Group Customer Care at 1-300-88-6688 or (603)7844 3696 for assistance to reactivate login access to Maybank2u.com. You will also have to request for a new TAC to proceed with your transaction.



I lost my ATM slip with the TAC on it. How can I ensure my TAC is not compromised?
Apply for a new TAC immediately.



What happens if I suspect illegal or fraudulent transactions from my account?
Please contact Maybank Group Customer Care at 1-300-88-6688 immediately.



*You must register as a Kawanku Phone Banking user in order to use the service. For more information, please visit www.Maybank2u.com